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Meet the The Chiropractic People Team

Kathy Stedronsky, Chiropractic Assistant

Kathy Stedronsky

Kathy Stedronsky, Chiropractic Assistant

Hello! My name is Kathy Stedronsky and I am honored to be the Chiropractic Assistant here at the office.

I have lived in Geneva since 2004. I am married to my husband Brad and we have three amazing children; Hanna, Michael and Sara.  I am always excited to be able to share in the amazing life transformations that are happening at The Chiropractic People. I absolutely love my job and everyday my eyes are opened to the power of a healthy spine!

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I am very happy to say that my family and I are on the road to enjoying “longer, healthier and happier lives” because of the commitment we have all made to chiropractic care. Almost nine years ago I was driven to walk into Dr. Nate’s office because I was suffering from constant headaches. I am now headache-free and have experienced so many other benefits that regular chiropractic adjustments offer. My whole family has committed to getting a chiropractic adjustment at least once a week. Since starting to see Dr. Nate my husband and three children have also gained some amazing health benefits; strong immune systems, restful sleep, and clearer mental focus are just a few. I am certain that we are enabling our nervous systems to function at 100% which allows us to live to our greatest health potential. What an incredible gift we have found!

I am so excited to be a part of this amazing team at The Chiropractic People, and I look forward welcoming you to the office so that you can see how chiropractic care may help you.

Aly McMeans – Patient Care Expert

Aly McMeans - Patient Care Expert

Aly McMeans – Patient Care Expert

Hello! My name is Aly and I am the Patient Care Expert for The Chiropractic People – that means I am here to make sure you have an incredible experience with our office. I grew up in St. Charles, attended Rosary High School in Aurora, and graduated from Marquette University up in Milwaukee, WI.

I started out as a patient of Dr. Nate’s when home from college over the summer. Even though I tried to lead a healthy lifestyle, I suffered from horrible headaches, as well as constant fatigue. Since starting care at The Chiropractic People, I have been headache free! I sleep great every night and have been able to cut back on the amount of caffeine I drink. I have much more energy and feel better than ever, all thanks to a healthy spine.

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I never knew all of the wonderful benefits of chiropractic care until starting care at The Chiropractic People. I am so happy that my job is to welcome people into our office that will help them live longer, healthier and happier lives.

Terran D’Andrea – Community Outreach Director

Terran D'Andrea, Community Outreach Director

Terran D’Andrea, Community Outreach Director

As a personal desire to raise awareness about wellness, it is my sincere pleasure to work with Dr. Nathan Conroy’s office to introduce wellness solutions to other forward thinking and health minded organizations and local community groups.

Our Community Outreach program provides free wellness information through health fairs, lunch and learns and employee chair massage days. Just let us know when we can schedule a visit with you and your team!
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I’ve been a patient at The Chiropractic People for over five years, along with my loving husband and two beautiful children, John and Angela. Enjoying a healthy lifestyle is my biggest passion… I believe a healthy mindset, solid relationships, balanced diet, challenging exercise, and relaxing wellness practices including yoga and chiropractic care are part of my toolset for living my fullest life…giving to others.

We have lived in Geneva since 2007 and moved from Chicago’s Museum Campus neighborhood. Married in 2000 to Anthony D’Andrea of Glen Ellyn, Illinois, we enjoyed living and working in the city, international travel … then adopted our beautiful children from Bogota, Colombia. I graduated from the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools, Mother McAuley High School, and North Central College where I also received my MBA. In my free time I love spending time with friends and extended family, music, healthy cooking, tennis and volunteering at my kids schools and activities, church, Livingwell Cancer Resource Center and especially Fox Valley Wellness.

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